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DSC_7174 The two month I spent here went very quickly. My host family was great. The people were kind and everyone was patient with me.  Taki a tour of the salt mine and the village. Both were interesting. Olga was a wonderful hostess and guide. Just relax and enjoy your time. 

Kind Regards,
William Grebenik
William Grebenik, the USA


Study & Travel

The Program “Study & Travel” represents an absolutely new approach in teaching Russian as a foreign language. It combines equally high-quality education, cultural tourism and entertainment that allows the students to fully immerse themselves into the language environment. The program was created by two organizations – Travel Agency “Initial” and the East Ukrainian National University, so our students can get the best out of the two leading professional enterprises – first, it is highly expereinced university teachers, second, university certificate in the end of the course, third, perfectly organized tours to the most interesting places of Ukraine and cultural activities that will make studying Russian easy and fun. art1

  • Our courses take place in Lugansk city, which is situated right near the Russian border
  • In Lugansk people speak only the Russian language
  • Our teachers have more than 30 years of experience in teaching Russian
  • Exciting trips and excursions
  • A wide choice of cultural activities



An ideal way to discover the Russian culture and people and to practice your oral speaking is to live with a local family. Our team carefully selects host families and we always make sure that our students stay with the most suitable people. All our families are amazing and are always ready to help. We place great importance on the friendliness of our host families and their interest in a cultural exchange. Not only will you be able to practice your Russian language outside tuition hours but you will also gain an interesting insight into a typical Russian and Ukrainian way of life. art2

  • Private well equipped rooms in the host families’ houses
  • Ideal environment for developing your listening and speaking skills
  • The best chance to try authentic Ukrainian dishes
  • Rented apartments and hotels are also offered for those who prefer privacy



Choosing Lugansk to study Russian you will not only learn the language, you will also explore the Slavic world and expand your horizons by knowing more about the culture, history and traditions of Ukrainian and Russian people. art3

  • Professionally organized one day trips around the Eastern part of Ukraine: Salt mine Soledar, Svyatogorsk Lavra, potters’ village Parhomenko and many others
  • Long-term travel to Kiev, Lviv, the Crimea and the Azov sea
  • All the tours are conducted by competent guides with the help of our experienced translators



We believe that entertainment is one of the best ways to learn a language. That is why every week we have at least four or five activities where students watch old Russian movies, learn how to cook Ukrainian traditional dishes, sing Russian folk songs, organize food parties, and attend concerts. art4

  • We organize many activities for free: speaking clubs, meetings with volunteers, some video lessons and parties.
  • We introduce many local people to our students, so in the end of their stay they have dozens of friends in Lugansk
  • All the activities are much fun and they make studying Russian easy
  • You will never get bored with us!